Activity: Talking Stick

  • January 06, 2016
  • Author The Moyer Foundation
  • Topic Childhood Grief
  • Type Activity
Created in Partnership with Camp Erin Tuscon/Phoenix Tu Nitido

Family Activity

Camp Erin Tucson/Phoenix is excited to share this family activity where you create your own talking stick! The talking stick is a Native American tradition that is used to show honor and respect to the speaker in a group (or the one holding the talking stick). Decorate your talking stick to represent you and the many feelings you have had on your grief journey. You can use your talking stick to share your feelings and memories with your family and friends.

What you need:

  •  Wooden dowel/rod
  •  Leather cords
  •  Variety of beads
  •  Feathers
  •  Tape


  • Visit a local craft store to choose beads, feathers, and leather cords in colors that are special to you
  • Choose and string beads on the leather cords
  •  Tape or tie the feathers to the end of the leather cords
  •  Use tape to attach the decorated leather cords to the wooden dowel.