Activity: Weathering the Storm - Snow Globe

  • January 06, 2016
  • Author The Moyer Foundation
  • Topic Childhood Grief
  • Type Activity
Created By our Camp Erin Boston Partner Parmenter 

Family Activity

The winter season can be filled with fun traditions, frigid snow storms, and warm moments with family and friends. Sometimes it can be a difficult time when you are grieving. Similar to the whirlwind created in a snow globe, grief can overwhelm you at times. It is comforting to reflect on how strong and brave you are during these times, and how you can weather the storm by knowing your support system and using healthy coping skills. Eventually, the storm will settle, as it has in the past, and you will stand stronger than before. With your family, create these special snow globes to remind you how strong and brave you are.

What you'll need:

  • Glass jar with a secure lid
  • Plastic Figure
  • Glitter
  • Crazy glue or hot glue
  • Water


  • Choose a plastic figure you like or one that represents you
  • Glue the plastic figure to the inside of the jar lid. Make sure you allow enough time for the glue to dry
  • Fill glass jar with water
  • Add the glitter to the water
  • Twist lid back on your jar. Check to make sure that the lid if on securely.
  • Shake to see your figure stand strong in the storm.