Mariposa Community Program

Author The Moyer Foundation

Mariposa Community Program Overview

The Mariposa Community Program is a 10-week addiction prevention, community-based afterschool program in Philadelphia for children ages 9-12 who have been impacted by substance abuse in their family. Once the children complete the Mariposa Community Program, they will be invited and encouraged to attend the Camp Mariposa weekend camp in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, which is offered every other month.  Both Mariposa Community Program and Camp Mariposa weekend camp are offered at no charge to families and include transporation.

The afterschool program kicks-off at Turning Points for Children with an interactive and dynamic family dinner, followed by weekly 90-minute sessions focusing on important topics such as 7 C’s of Addiction, the impact of addiction on family members, learning about self-harm and signs of suicide, mindfulness, and using activities like yoga and dance to identify positive coping skills. Finally, the program will conclude with a family celebration.

Mariposa Community Program benefits children who attend by:

  • Reducing feelings of isolation and guilt
  • Connecting them with other children facing similar circumstances
  • Educating children that addiction is a disease and it’s not their fault
  • Building confidence
  • Teaching critical life-skills to help manage feelings and practice self-care
  • Creating friendships in their community
  • Giving kids a place to have FUN!

New 10-Week Session Starting in Fall 2017

Location: Turning Points for Children, CUA9

Contact: Heather Miller

Phone: 267-318-2137




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