Buckhorn Children & Family Services: Camp Mariposa Eastern Kentucky

  • October 05, 2016
  • Topic Addiction
  • Type Support Organization

Located deep in the mountains of Appalachia, Buckhorn Children & Family Services offers Kentucky’s most abused and neglected children a place to heal in safety and peace. The mission of Buckhorn Children & Family Services is to provide a sanctuary of health, healing, and hope for at-risk children, youth, and families.

As professionals and concerned citizens, the staff strives to provide competent, caring treatment, education, and advocacy services to Kentucky’s most at-risk kids. Their campus communities are dedicated to serving kids and strengthening families as they work to overcome a variety of life crises, including chronic and severe abuse and neglect.

BCFS is known for taking on the toughest kids, building a personalized program that works for each one, and sticking with them all the way through the treatment process. Through our system of evidence-based, trauma-informed care, the staff at BCFS assists the child/youth and families in rebuilding their lives. At BCFS, we are dedicated to providing our clients the very best treatment, education, and services that are child-centered, family-focused, and community-based.

Buckhorn Children & Family Services is honored to have been chosen by the Moyer Foundation as the ninth Camp Mariposa site in the nation and the first to implement in a rural area.

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