Carefor Health & Community Services- Camp Erin Eastern Ontario


Carefor Hospice palliative care considers that dying is an important part of living, and that it is essential to manage pain and other symptoms effectively so that those facing death, and their loved ones, can devote their energies not to fighting physical discomfort, but to embracing the time they have left together.

The hospice will assist you to be a full partner in your own care, to minimize your pain, to have your decisions and choices respected and followed, to be treated with openness and honesty, without deception or half-truths, to receive quality medical and nursing care, to be cared for by compassionate, sensitive and knowledgeable people who will attempt to understand your needs and try to meet them, and to live and die in peace and with dignity.

Carefor Hospice offers grief services to the community through support groups and Camp Erin. Carefor Health & Community Services is the Moyer Foundation's Camp Erin Eastern Ontario

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