The Seven C’s: Helping kids cope with addiction

  • August 24, 2016
  • Author Dr. Claudia Black
  • Topic Addiction
  • Type Article

Many children who grow up with addiction in their family feel responsible for their family member’s substance use disorder.  They often say things like “If I didn’t laugh so loud or didn’t fight with my siblings, my mom or dad wouldn’t use drugs or alcohol.” 

The first half of the 7 C’s stress that children are not responsible for the family member’s substance use or misuse.  The remaining 7 C’s focus on healthy coping skills such communicating feelings and the importance of self-care.  These are important messages that are woven into the activities at each Camp Mariposa weekend.

Each child who attends Camp Mariposa receives a lanyard with a laminated copy of the 7 C’s card.  Children refer to the card throughout the camp weekend.  Many children also receive a laminated copy of the card to take home and use as a reminder in between camp weekends.  If you know a child who lives with a family member who struggles with a substance use disorder, you can print out the attached 7 C’s card and share it with them.  

I didn't CAUSE it

I can't CONTROL it

I can't CURE it


I can take CARE of myself

By COMMUNICATING my feelings

making good CHOICES and 


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